SUNDAY TIMES ISLAMABAD:The approval came during a meeting of PM’s Special Assistant on Youth Affairs Usman Dar, Minister for Privatisation and Aviation Mian Muhammad Soomro and the airline’s chairman Fazal Jillani with the prime minister in Islamabad. Sialkot’s business community will launch the airline from next year.

PM Khan welcomed the move to launch the airline, saying: “Sialkot is going to be an important hub of investment.” He vowed to provide all necessary facilities to the business community.

He said his government has been working on a comprehensive plan for the welfare of the community, adding that the airline would boost business activities and help reduce unemployment in the region.

The prime minister said businessmen should come up with suggestions which his government would consider seriously.

Mr Jillani on the occasion said the airline would begin its operation next year and thanked the prime minister for extending support in this regard. Mr Soomro also welcomed the start of the new airline.