The long duration of fast can result in drained energy and dehydration but with the knowledge of healthy food can keep your energized all season. Most of the people drink a lot of water and felt dizzy afterwards. A few of them, focuses on fried food leaving no room for water to quench their thirst. Here is the list of food to avoid during Ramadan to stay energized:

  1. Food too high in caffeine: Try to avoid drinks like tea, coffee etc. to avoid dehydration.
  2. Foods too high in protein: Protein present in meat especially chicken, beef and fish makes you feel full too early. It takes your stomach longer to digest such foods if consumed after iftari. As a result, you do not like to eat sehri or in other cases totally skip the sehri that can result in weakness.
  3. Food too high in cholesterol: Fatty food like pakoras, samosay, kachoris etc. are too high in cholesterol that makes you feel dehydrated. Your body is already dehydrated after aftari and consuming these types of food can only increase your dehydration levels.
  4. Salty food: Your blood cells need water content more after 15 or more hours of fasting. Eating food high in sodium can only make the condition worse. This is the reason why you should eat food low in sodium. Further, you can limit the amount of food consumed to maintain healthy body.

Eating healthy food can keep you fit and active. Bad food can make you feel lethargic and dull. By making a good selection of food, you can stay vitalized during Ramadan.