The window for consuming food is too small during Ramadan that will eventually deprive you of the essential calorie intake to stay vitalized. Using fruit in iftar does not only taste good but it is fibre-enriched, makes you feel active and good. Whereas, junk food makes you feel weak and dull. During Ramadan, you are at liberty to make healthy fruity iftar for your family. Here are few iftari items that you can try:

  1. Power Dates:

Take few dates, remove seeds and fill it with cream and almond. You can also use raisins, pistachios and walnuts to make variations.

  1. Fruit Chat:

Take fruit of your choice, cut into cubes, add some lemon juice and caster sugar. You can also use fruit cocktail can to add more taste like cranberry can, pineapple can, mix-fruit can. Also, you can add chickpeas if you like.

  1. Fruit Cocktail Drink:

You can try quick drink recipes with two or more ingredients like watermelon strawberry combo (with watermelon, strawberry and a pinch of salt), Pina Colada (with pineapple slices and coconut juice), Apple and Cranberry Punch (with cranberry juice and apple slices with a pinch of salt)

  1. No-Bake fruit Cake:

This is all time quick recipes that could be created with blender. Take oreo biscuits, grind and spread it in a dish. Pour lemon or orange juice to moist it. Make banana or strawberry jelly of your choice and layer it over oreo bed. Add fruit like grapes, chunks of mango and strawberries in jelly and freeze. Blend Strawberry jelly with a pack of cream and pour it over oreo and jellies batter, chill and enjoy!

  1. Mango Hawaii:

Take wheatables (wheat biscuits) grind and place it in a dish. Pour Mango juice to moist it. Fill the surface with Mango chunks. Create a batter of cream and mango jelly and pour it over mango chuncks. Garnish with mango chunks. Serve chilled!

Summers bring a lot of fruit with them. Consuming it in a healthy manner will add fibre to your body and keep you active and fresh. Instead of munching on unhealthy food like fries, pakoras and samosas, you can opt for healthy options.