Anil Kapoor has previously shared his wish to work in Pakistani TV and Films. He expressed his immense gratitude being appreciated at Pakistan as an actor. He, at IIFA Awards green carpet said,
“Everyone should work together. I wish to work in Pakistani films and TV shows. Sharing love and appreciation make any industry grow.”
Talking about his wish to come and work for Pakistan, he said, “I feel so happy when Pakistani love my films. We are brothers and sisters and I am just an entertainer. Whether it is India or Pakistan… What was it my grandfather used to say, “We are all bhand” It’s about time when Pakistan and India start co-productions. We need to stop the censorship… I am thirsty to work in you- A big thank you to all Pakistanis.”
Anil Kapoor latest films includes Welcome Back (2015) and latest upcoming film is “One Way Ticket (2016)”.