Coke Studios 9: Strings Unforgettable Moments with Amjad Sabri!

The assassination of Amjad Sabri comes as a shock for all Pakistanis especially singers. It has created a rift of insecurity in our society. Earlier, no musician can think of being killed in target killing.

Sabri was a legend! He has done a recording at Coke Studios 9 with Rahat Fateh Khan. Strings- Executive Producers of Coke Studios 9, has shared their immense grief at his death and shared their experience with him. They said that they have their first interaction after the release of Tajdar-e-Haram by Atif Aslam for approval. Within the 5-minutes of their conversation, they felt like old buddies. They further added that, on his way out, when they finished their conversation, he couldn’t resisted the pool table at their lounge and played like a champ.

Following their first interaction, they discussed about his possible giant combo with another legend- Rahat Fateh Ali Khan which he accepted whole-heartedly.

Not to mention, this Coke Studio Season 9 has six producers and thirty musicians with two legends i.e. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Amjad Sabri is destined to be released on August 14th, 2016.

On recording day, the only thing strings can expect from them was magic! They discussed it for few hours, skipped the rehearsals and directly jumped off for recording and blew everyone away. “Everyone cried that night!” said Strings. “The two legends took us on another unforgettable journey. It’s just 25 days past this incident and Sabri is not among us”, said Strings