Islamabad: Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Çavusoglu on Tuesday said Ankara is enjoying Pakistan’s full support against Fethullah Gulen’s terror organization.

Addressing a joint press conference alongside Adviser to the Prime Minister Sartaj Aziz in Islamabad, Çavusoglu said it can’t be denied that Gulen has its presence in many countries including Pakistan.

In my opening statement I expressed my satisfaction and appreciation that we have full cooperation with Pakistan in that regard, and I’m sure the necessary measures will be taken”, the minister said.

“Such organizations pose a threat to the security and stability of every country in which they have a presence,” he continued.

The foreign minister further said that the terrorist organization has a global network of schools, business associations and cultural organizations. In the past, we supported them but we didn’t know they had a hidden agenda that they were trying to take over power in Turkey through such attempts.

Responding to a question regarding the Kashmir issue, Çavusoglu said Turkey “fully supports” Pakistan’s position, and asked the OIC Secretary General to mobilize the OIC Contact Group and send a fact-finding mission to India-held Kashmir.

“We believe this dispute can be solved only through dialogue and diplomacy, not violence or using force,” he said.

During an earlier meeting with Sartaj Aziz, Çavusoglu said both sides discussed methods to increase cooperation and are “hoping to sign a free trade agreement this year”.