69th Independence Day of Pakistan has been just around Pakistanis are getting ready to demonstrate their patriotic ardor.

 “The Pakistanis” all across the country flock towards the market to buy national flags of different shapes and sizes.

The patriotism doesn’t end with flags. Tee shirts, dresses, balloons, cakes and badges emblazoned with the national flag along memorabilia bedecked in the trademark green and white are the hot commodity as citizens throng the markets, surveying the colorful and quirky offerings.

For parents today, not only should you teach your children the importance of 14 August but also involve with them in celebrating it. Help your kids get those flags, badges, posters and other accessories of Pakistan flag on it. Help them decorate the house with it. As a change, listen to the national songs for a day on the radio; take them out to visit the city to show them how it is decorated in the honor of the day. While your out with your children visiting the ancient buildings that have been decorated with lights, make sure you’re telling your kids the history relating to the place or about the leader to whom it belongs to. This way they will not only remember the little details of the leader but also idealize him and respect him.

Therefore, adopt a positive parenting attitude and help your child grow with moral values and love for his homeland. Make your child a proud Pakistan who stands firm on his ground and has passion to do something for his homeland when he grows. Make your child want to be like our leaders who brought a change in society and are still remembered.

Every year Independence Day is noted with big exuberance. This year in 2016, the Pakistan Independence Day is being celebrated on Sunday.