SUNDAY TIMES KARACHI: According to details, the schedule for CNG stations opening was revised again, under which the gas pumps were closed in the morning today for next 24 hours.

Federal Minister for Petroleum Ghulam Sarwar Khan had announced that gas supply has been restored to the CNG sector in Sindh.

He told media on Saturday that upon his arrival in the city, he met all stakeholders after which he reached an agreement with CNG association.

The minister maintained that the federal government is trying to ensure that Sindh’s industrial sector doesn’t go through gas load shedding, adding that a large number of industries shifted to LNG to survive in Punjab.

It is pertinent to note here that the people of the province continued to suffer owing to closure of CNG pumps for a week as Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) suspended gas supply to CNG stations and power plants of all general industries for an “indefinite period of time.”

The company said it was facing acute shortage of gas and low pressure in the system.

Moreover, the Karachi Transport Ittehad  – a union of owners of private buses, minibuses, taxis and rickshaws in the port city – also went on strike in the metropolis for days during last week, adding to the misery of citizens.