SUNDAY TIMES KARACHI: Speaking to media after inaugurating a library at Pakistan Navy Shipping Corporation on Monday, the minster remarked, “a thief, dacoit, murderer has no respect and Zardari will not be spared.”

Responding to the Pakistan Peoples Party co-chairman’s recent criticism of the government, Zaidi said “Zardari did not plunder [the country] within his limits, he rather plundered the whole country.”

“I tell him Zardari that he is arrogant and he will be sentenced like a dacoit for whatever he did to the country,” the federal minister lambasted at the PPP leader.

Referring to instances of fake bank accounts in several laymen’s names, he retorted “I am also thinking to throw my identity card inside the Bilawal House.”

The federal minister also criticized the development of conceding the chairmanship of Public Accounts Committee  to Shehbaz Shairf and said, for the sake of democracy, a bitter pill had to be swallowed, however, he admitted that the decision will send a negative message.