We are always been recommended to append fruits and vegetables in our diet, as they play a vital role in it. It is commonly said “an apple a day keeps the doctor away“ but according to the new research, an apple helps to keep a lot more things away than just a doctor. It may be the key to beating the blues.

American Journal of Public Health wrote on the subject of how eating the healthy food affects you physically and mentally both, and helps to keep you beautiful inside and out.

The University of Warwick in the U.K. and the University of Queensland in Australia carry out the research on the healthy diet which reduces the risk of cancer and other fatal diseases. For this purpose, they observed 12,000 participants who maintain the record of their healthy diet which includes veggies and fruits, for two years approximately. Researchers assessed the participants periodically. Consequently, the people who started eating more fruits and veggies obtain some massive mental benefits over the course of those two years—even after they had adjusted for other lifestyle changes at home and at the office that might take a toll on mental health.

However, the more servings of fruits and veggies the participants ate (up to eight servings a day), the greater the psychological benefits. The happiness boost they calculated was the equivalent of going from unemployed to employed. Sounds Great!

More investigation was needed to determine why exactly this happens; for that, they carried out a couple of hypotheses. To begin with, they said that it could be that antioxidants, causing this surge in optimism. Additionally, they said that a healthier gut could affect the brain and thus your mood in a positive way.

All the mood boosts occur almost instantaneously. The researchers intend to prompt people to start up eating more fruits and vegetable, and make this as their habit.