Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) spokesperson Daniyal Gilani, while considering the proposal of increasing the salary package of its foreigner Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Brand Hilton  stated that Hildon is not taking attractive salary package as compared to other heads of the corporations who are getting PKR 5 million monthly.

Brand Hildon is a German National and has an immense experience in the field of air travel and had been assisting Lufthansa Airline for more than 39 years, and his current salary package is not compatible with his status. It has now become a matter of pride and honor that man of high competence like Hildon is working in Pakistan who holds an extensive international work experience, he has done a lot in expanding the standard of PIA, added spokesperson.

Moreover, he said “the proposal is being considered keeping in view what CEOs of other state and private carriers in the country are drawing on monthly basis”.

Formerly it was reported that the newly appointed CEO has still not got security clearance from the organization and therefore should not be eligible for the increment. As far as security clearance is concerned, the department is working hard in getting the solution, said by Gilani.

Gilani is hopeful that the proposal will be approved in the next board meeting for increasing the CEO’s salary by PKR 1.2 million to PKR 2 million, the increase of PKR 0.8 million approximately, despite his incomplete security clearance.

Increments always work as motivation, we hope this increment also motivate our PIA newly hired CEO to give his best at work, and help Pakistan International Airlines to spread its wings in a more efficient way.