Acton in Law is a fusion of Romantic Comedy with a lot of Action. Featuring Fahad Mustafa one of the most versatile actors of Pakistan as a Lawyer who wishes to become an actor with Mehwish Hayat as a Journalist. Om Puri- One of the most prominent actors of Bollywood is also featured as a father of the protagonist.

The story revolves around Quaid-I-Azam inspired lawyer who wanted to become an actor but ended as a lawyer till climax. The inclusion of famous dialogues by Fahad Mustafa in the courtroom is what left audience busting into laughter like Ayesha Sana’s Claim to Fame dialogue was delivered “Tight Karen Inhe, Tight Karen Inhe”. A few dialogues may sound bold to audience but overall it’s an interesting movie to be added to watch list.

Fahad Mustafa has been featured in “Na Maloom Afraad” in 2014 with Mehwish Hayat. Fahad Mustafa has been nominated as the best actor for the film, “Na Maloom Afrad” at 14th Lux Style Awards in 2015. His most famous game show “Jeeto Pakistan” has earned him a huge fan base.

Mehwish Hayat has done many films including “Jawani Phir Ni Ani” in 2015 and “Insh’Allah” in 2009.

To spice up the humor, Aly Khan is featured as “Mudassir Sultan” to dig at famous anchor person “Mubashir Luqman”. Further, a footage of Ayyan Ali case is a part of the film to highlight the current affairs of Pakistan.

The film takes a twist when the protagonist is exposed and proved to be a criminal. How has this happened? We will have to wait for the film.

The film will hit cinema screens on Eid-ul-Azha this year.