A lot of people has disturbed their health due to excess or poor eating habits during Ramadan. People understand that long duration of fast could end up dehydration. As a result, they drink too much water. Drinking excess water after aftari could result in bloating. On Contrary, consuming less food could trigger weakness.

  1. Break your fast with dates!

Dates are rich in sugar and fibre that only serves as instant energy boosters but it can help prevent constipation. After long hours of fast, it will serve as an energy bar for your body.

  1. Keep yourself hydrated!

You can take refreshing drinks at aftari like lemonade, watermelon and strawberry drink etc. Further, you can manage to drink two glasses of water after every hour after aftari to keep your body hydrated.

  1. Consume starters before proper meal

You can take starters like soup, salads to make some space for more food.

  1. Eat a balanced diet

Try to manage right proportions of carbs, protein, and fat to stay vitalized and healthy. Ideally, you can make a plate by dividing it into three portions one for fat, one for protein and one for carbs. Excess eating might cause you to gain more weight.

  1. Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine can increase your body’s dehydration levels. It is better to limit or totally avoid it if possible.

Try to add more fruit in your diet in order to stay healthy and vitalized. Further, use of more fruit can reduce dullness from your skin.