A three day largest exhibition is the biggest tourism attraction at Selangor, Malaysia known as Malaysia Gifts Expo, 2016.  It serves as an opportunity for suppliers to launch and market their product to regional buyers and tourists while gaining new contacts and attaining new businesses.

New businesses can expect to meet more than 15,000 leaders and decision makers from following industries:

  1. Corporate Companies
  2. Dealers
  3. Government Bodies
  4. Importer and Exporters
  5. Regional Buying Houses
  6. Regional Procurement Centres,
  7. Retailers, and even
  8. Small Medium Industries

The next thing that might pop up in your head would be, what kind of products will be exhibited in Malaysia Gifts Expo, 2016 so, here is the list:

  1. Apparel,
  2. Awards,
  3. Bag,
  4. Children Gifts,
  5. Electronic Gifts,
  6. Festival Gifts
  7. Premium Gifts General, and
  8. Toys

It serves as an opportunity for both buyers and sellers to network, learn and source about new product and together contribute to the economy.