As announced by the games`s developer, Niantic, that new pocket monsters are now available in the game, including the likes of Pichu, Togepi, further adding that other pokémon characters were pulled from the second generation Pokémon Gold and Silver.

To make the game more appealing, no specific number of creatures was revealed, but Niantic says that the players would only be able to capture them by acquiring and hatching eggs from pokéstops.

In addition to the new generation two monsters, starting from now until December 29th, Pokémon Go will also be home to a “special edition” version of Pikachu – what makes him special this time is that he will be seen wearing a festive holiday hat.

The news comes as Niantic has announced a series of other announcements intended to lure players back to Pokémon Go, including turning Sprint stores into gyms and pokéstops, a new pokémon-themed Starbucks drink, and limited-time in-game events.