MADRID: A referee was assaulted by a Spanish footballer during the game, leading to latter’s expulsion from the club he was representing.

The official, Fahd Abbou El Mourabit took refuge inside his dressing room after the incident until police arrived to identify his attacker and take him to hospital.

He was punched to the floor by a player named locally as Rhanim Chouaib after showing a teammate a second yellow card for protesting a penalty their opponents had just scored to put them 2-0 up in an amateur regional league match.

The referee, an 18-year-old student who has been officiating in matches for the past three years and earns just over £40 a match, called the police before heading to his changing room and waiting for them to arrive, reported the Mail.

‘I had just shown the Miralbueno goalie his second yellow for protesting and the San Juan players scored their second goal.

‘While they were celebrating the home side’s number 14 came and punched me in the face and hit me again while I was on the floor. ‘I decided to suspend the match and call the police. They escorted me from the ground when they arrived and I went to hospital.

Miralbueno Football Club’s board of directors, on their Facebook page, condemned the incident that took place in the First Regional Division game.’