WASHINGTON: The United States (US) on Thursday declined to remark on the culprits behind the assault on American University in Kabul urging Pakistan and Afghanistan to cooperate to expand their collaboration countering fierce extremism, as per US State Department.

Asked about Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s assertion that the assault on the American University in Kabul was coordinated from Pakistan, Elizabeth Trudeau, spokesperson for the US State Department, declined to comment on the obligation regarding the attack.

“We encourage the governments of Afghanistan and Pakistan to work together, not only in the wake of this attack and to ensure that such attacks don’t happen again, but to increase their cooperation countering violent extremism writ large,” she said, during the daily press.

The representative said that we have pressurized the Government of Pakistan to catch up on their commitment to not to separate among terror groups.

Trudeau recalled that General Raheel Sharif himself has said that they would not discriminate among militants regardless of their agenda or affiliation.

She, however, added that this attack against the best and brightest of Afghanistan is a sign that we can all “do more”.

Sixteen were killed including 8 students and a total of 53 injured during the 10-hour raid, first militant attack on the prominent university in Afghanistan on Wednesday.

Although no one has yet took the responsibility of the attack on the university.

The army chief strongly condemned terrorists’ attack on American University in Kabul yesterday and offered his condolences to the bereaved families, said the Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR).